Friday, 19 June 2009

Starlogo Deforestation model

Along with fellow students Ian Tout and Christoph Massius I created a geocomputation deforestation model using starlogo. The aim of the project was to model selective mahogany logging in rainforest regions. The model is an incredibly simplified view of reality but was a useful excercise in gaining an understanding of agent-based modelling.

In this model the agents are logging teams moving randomly through the forest until they come across a mahagony tree. When this occurs the mahagony tree is logged and a path is created back to the existing network of paths using a choice of two shortest-path algorithms.

The number of logging teams, mahogany trees and logger energy is set at the start of the model runtime. Logger energy controls how long a logging team will search beyond the existing path network before giving up.

The starlogo file can be found here

and starlogo can be downloaded here


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