Monday, 16 March 2009

London Rio Light Bridge

I helped out my friend Silv with her project to create a light bridge from London to Rio. This involved taking a simultaneous photo in Rio and in London at the correct bearing so the two lenses are facing each other though of course out of direct view. The photo for London was in fact taken on the coast at Selesy in Sussex which lies on the bearing from London to Rio

Once you know the latitude and longtitude of the two locations the bearing can easily be found using the this website

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Karukinka Dreaming.....

If all goes well I will be doing my dissertation on creating habitat suitability maps for the Magellanic Woodpekcer in Karukinka National park, Patagonia. This species of woodpeck is endangered and is a bioindicator for non-disturbed enviroments due to its sensitivity. It is also a keystone species for the Patagonian ecosystem.

The aim of the project is to use remotely sensed satellite data along with other environmental variables to create habitat suitability maps for the species. This will indicate areas where the woodpecker is likely to be found so field ecologists can save resources searching vast areas for species presence.

Severn Estuary

Just messing about posting my first post. This is a color composite image I created using Idrisi from Landsat satellite data. Its of the Severn Estuary.